Parking Lot Royale is a multiplayer demolition derby party game that puts you behind the wheel of a fully destructible automobile. Choose your ride and take to the streets, but don't forget to smash your friends!

Launch, dent, and blast your way to victory online against up to 9 others in one of 3 different game modes. Indulge in some competitive road rage with parking game mode. Show your friends who's dopest by being last car standing in sumo game mode. Or mix things up with several wacky weaponized powerups to bring the pain in powerup game mode.


10 cars, 1 parking spot. Fight for a spot in this king-of-the-hill style gamemode.


Sumo wrestling on a skyscraper, whos idea was this? Push your friend off a building in this game mode, last car standing wins!


Strap some weapons on that bad boy and you’re in business. It’s a fight to the death in this game mode. Smash, bash, punch, and shoot your enemies into oblivion in this classic free-for-all deathmatch.